Design Process


From the drafting table to the factory, the final inspection to our boutiques, the MYCO ANNA team exerts meticulous control over every step in the design and marketing process to offer you quality service and upscale clothing that you’ll just love to wear.


It all starts with the design stage. In all fashion labels, this is what dictates the personality of the clothes. Our team analyzes, researches, tests and then sketches each piece that will go into production. Every collection is inspired by a theme and gleefully draws from various periods and genres, seizing on a detail, an influence or an impression to offer exclusive pieces that buck trends.


A major step in creating a MYCO ANNA piece is the preparation. This stage includes pattern-making, choosing fabrics and new materials and, most importantly, processing and matching the recycled fibres. These usually come from recycling centres or factory surplus from suppliers. They must be inspected, sorted and washed before being cut and matched to designs in progress.


While samples are entirely produced in-house, MYCO ANNA partners with subcontractors to produce a large enough quantity of clothing to meet demands. By doing business with local subcontractors who follow the highest standards for working conditions in the industry, MYCO ANNA cultivates a loyal and committed network of suppliers.


At the end, each MYCO ANNA piece is inspected by hand at our workshop to ensure quality before it is shipped to one of our boutiques. In-store, our attentive MYCO ANNA consultants work hard finding the perfect match between a unique piece and a unique woman.

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