Since its creation in 1995, the brand has been drawing much attention. The collections, entirely made in Québec, have conquered thousands of women and spreaded Myco Anna's fame on both the local and international scene. Its innovating and colorful style has inspired the writings of many journalists. National Geographic declared the brand a creative treasure of Québec city.


Over time

Myco Anna was founded in Quebec City in 1995 by Marie-Chantal Le Breton, an autodidact and visionary artist who was also concerned about environmental issues. The first workshop was in lower-town of Quebec City. It was small and already filled to the ceiling with used ties and wool pullovers, added to every source materiel needed to create unique, colored and trendsetter items. It did not take a lot of time to see a lot of personalities holding on to this audacious style and many fancy shops offering them a place of honour.

In 1999, 200 and 2001, Myco Anna is a grantee of the Fondation Mode Matinée pan-Canadian contest, which aknowledge its creativy, the quality of its products and its potential for business growth.
In 2000, it’s love at first sight for Christiane Garant. While she studies in fashion commercialisation, right after receiving her diploma from law school, she works in a small shop to learn more about the profession. It is at that moment she learns about Myco Anna, and she falls in love with the brand and then becomes sales representative.

A year later, Myco Anna experiences a phenomenal growth. The workshop moves to St-Vallier Ouest Boulevard and Myco Anna opens its first shop. Christiane then becomes co-owner and later the sole owner as the founder leaves the brand, in 2003.

Christiane henceforth takes the lead of the artistic direction. Julie Ouellet, from 2003 to 2007, and Annou Théberge, from 2007 to this day, succeeded to the design direction.

In 2007, in addition to introduce its first online shop, the brand moves on the other side of the street and inaugurates Myco Anna’s fashion house, where it employs some fifteen passionnate people, as of today.

In 2010, a second Myco Anna shops opens in Place de la Cité, still in Québec City. Today, we find Myco Anna collections in more than a hundred private shops throughout Canada and the United States.

In 2013, Myco Anna joins forces with Manon Veilleux, former chief executor of Groupe RGR, who cumulates an impressive work experience in management and finances in a successful manufacturing business. Two key members then add up: Nathalie Garant, sales director, and Chrystian Paquer, graphic designer and official brand photographer.



Over the years

Myco Anna has seen its unique creative work worn by reknowned celebrities and artists, has received many excellence awards and took part in a lot of large-scale fashion event, includingWho’s Next in Paris, Eco-fashion Week in Vancouver and Moda in New York. Myco Anna also created theatre costumes and any special events, such as the somptuous Robe Kimono, exhibited in Musée national des beaux-arts de Québec and the robe de la paix, in tribute to John Lennon. For some years now, Myco Anna also signs working clothing of various companies, including those of Hotels Alt of Germain Group.

With mittens, scarfs, hats and others items already created by the Myco Anna brand are added ethic and innovative cushion under the name of MAKABANE since 2014. Makabane creates these house decoration items locally, whose inspiration was drawn from a modern and authentic living art.

What is in store for the future for Myco Anna ?

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