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Red and white promotion for Canada Day

28 June 2017

For the Canada Day, make your mark with our original clothes in the colors of the Canadian flag, red and white

Get a red & white clothing selection at a minimum of 30% off!

Free shipping for Canada for the long weekend!


Celebrate Canada!


*Valid from June 29 to July 3 23:59 (ET) in our two shops and via mycoanna.com;
This promotion can not be used with another promotion;
Free shipping only in Canada.


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Our selection:

Robe Rio dress Robe Kalimba Dress robe_metropole_fleurs_blanc_complet_devant_ete_2016_myco_anna robe_trafic_fleurs_rouge_mauve_complet_devant_ete_2016_myco_anna bolero_boulevard_blanc_zoom_devant_ete_2016_myco_anna legging_grenade_rouge_complet_devant_ete_2016_myco_anna bolero_pieton_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2016_myco_anna jupe_amazone_blanc_complet_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna chandail_pirogue_blanc_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna robe_coquillage_motifs_jacquard_noir_ete_2015_myco_anna robe_coquillage_motifs_pois_noir_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna robe_orchidee_c4_fleurs_litchi_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna tunique_ananas_blanc_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna cami_chakra_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna.jpg jupe_canari_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna chandail_plume_de_paon_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna jupe_equateur_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna cami_tropique_blanc_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna jupe_amazone_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna.jpg jupe_iguane_blanc_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna bolero_dragonnier_blanc_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna bolero_manga_rouge_zoom_devant_ete_2015_myco_anna.jpg.jpg

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