Since 2011, Myco Anna has been offering a uniform creation service for your company or your sport team.

Trust our design team for targeting your specific needs and offering you a distinctive professional image.

Your uniforms are therefore going to be entirely made in Quebec Province, with the highest quality and durability standards.


Satisfied customers :

We have been working with the beautiful team of Myco for almost 7 years now, and even though we often have last-minute requests, we always could count on their entire collaboration. Our priorities ? Comfort, originality, easy cleaning. The team of Myco Anna always managed to reach our goals! Having great collaborators is priceless, and we are definitely blessed with them.

Julie Brisebois, executive director of Alt Ottawa and in charge of uniforms for the Alt banner.


What is the procedure ?

A short meeting with the design director is enough to target your specific needs. You then have accessto a vast inventory of samples of which you can choose. It is also possible for you to ask for a sample adaptation, changing details or fabric.

If no sample suits your needs, the designer will suggest you drawings of new ones. Once the design and the fabric are approved, a sample is sewn, in order for you to try it on your team members.

We offer short period of production and possibilities of restocking without a large quantity needed.


To choose the Myco Anna uniforms, it is :

To work with an efficient team;

To gather the many flattering comments from your clients;

To feel the pride of your team, which wears not only quality original creation made in Quebec, but also a style which demonstrates its worth;

To stand out from competitors.

For further information, please write to [email protected], or call her at 418-522-2270, # 200.

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